MTC – first days

(As added by Peter Hanseen)
From Sister McKann Hanseen:
This is my first P Day (actually it’s PTime because we only get like three hours but it’s whatever) and I only get 30 minutes to email so hopefully I can get everything in.
It’s so crazy that I’ve only been here a few days. I literally feel like I have been in the MTC for MONTHS and it’s like I almost don’t know what regular life is like. What’s really weird is to think that I took 3 finals on Monday… Yeah. That happened. Didn’t it? I can’t quite remember. My memory is being fogged by the SPIRIT. Seriously. I know that everyone says that the Spirit is so strong here but it really is. I can’t believe how much I seem to feel it. Though, it was really cool to realize that I was already feeling the Spirit quite frequently and now it’s just amplified.
I LOVE MY DISTRICT. Seriously it’s so fun. We are all getting along so swell. We are all going to Pittsburgh and I’m pretty sure we are leaving a week from Monday so I was right in my estimation of leaving about 12 days after entering the MTC. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the halls of Timpview High School because I just walk around and I see seriously EVERYONE I’ve ever known and more. It really sucks to see some of my guy friends because I want to hug them so bad but I can’t! I saw Travis Tyler like 3 times the first day and I haven’t seen him since, but rest assured–he’s just about the gosh darn cutest Elder out there. He’s got some studly glasses and I’m pumped I even saw him the first day. We didn’t get to take a picture though so I’m praying I’ll see him again! Elder Jacob Boekweg is in my district, though and he went to high school with me. He was in choir and I was really good friends with his older brother, Isaac. The rest of the run down goes like this:
Me and Sister Bateman
Sister Bateman is from American Fork. We could NOT be more opposite. So opposite, in fact, it’s kind of hilarious. She’s super tall and just really a lot bigger of a human being than me. She has SHORT short hair. She was a trumpet player, loves fantasy books, and openly admits to being a “gamer.” I saw her taking selfies with her stuffed cow this morning while I was getting ready so… Just use your imagination. 🙂
Sister Robertson and Sister Pau’u
Sister R is from New Mexico but moved to Kaysville a few years ago and graduated from Davis High School. She did journalism in high school so that’s fun. She’s pretty chill. Kind of just easy going and I really like her. I think we share some similar senses of humor and it’s been good to see her come out of her shell.
Sister P is from California. She’s Tongan and she is seriously my favorite. She is so hilarious. She basically just like shoved a bunch of stuff in her bags and her mom bought her random stuff so it’s always Russian Roulette when we’re getting ready in the mornings. She keeps me laughing and I totally love her.
It’s kind of frustrating though because none of these sisters really love working out at all and I can already feel this garbage cafeteria food going right to my thighs. Please sisters. WE NEED TO WORK OUT.
Then for the Elders.
Elder Weatherston and Elder Adamson
Elder Weatherston is 6’10” and he’s freaking hilarious. I always sit next to him, mostly because it’s just so dang funny. He’s pretty solid. Has a beautiful singing voice. Is from Idaho. And I love his comments in class.
Elder Adamson is from Orem and he’s way short so that pairing is pretty comedic. He’s kind of a goof ball and has us laughing a lot. Sometimes I get a teensy bit frustrated because I’m really striving for EXACT obedience and that isn’t really his thing all the time but I know he’s trying. So that’s good. 🙂
Elder Boekweg, Elder Justesen, and Elder Vasallo
Elder Boekweg is from Provo. Just a sweet, awesome guy. He’s from the 2012 graduating class and he’s just solid. He makes some comments that I really admire and I think I will remember for a long time.
Elder Justesen is from West Valley and he’s the first elder I met. He’s pretty chill and kind of keeps the equilibrium in the class between everyone. He likes to joke around and have fun, but he’s really good at getting down to business when he needs to.
Elder Vasallo is so stellar. He’s from Ogden and he’s actually 24. He has talked a lot about how he wasn’t in a place in his life where he even could have served a mission and he’s so grateful to be here. I can just tell. He EXUDES christlike attributes and I feel like we are so blessed to have him in our district. He got assigned to be District Leader and I couldn’t be more pleased with his leadership.
As a district, we have memorized our purpose as missionaries and we are working on memorizing all of D&C 4. Then we will work to memorize some important scriptures from the first vision. We really love each other. We have a spotlight every day. We pray together all the time. We eat together. And we sing together. I’ve started a new thing where we do KNUCKS instead of bumps or anything and it’s totally catching on (credit for that goes to Bryce and Jason Willardson, Blake Wheeler and crew). It’s hilarious. They all are obsessed and we literally do it after EVERYTHING that we accomplish.
Sister Sedgwick and Brother Fuller are our teachers and I’m basically obsessed with Sis S. because she has just been on fire with teaching. She’s so inspirational. And I can tell that she really cares about us. She is super mindful of our worries and concerns and I appreciate that. I don’t really know Brother Fuller that well yet but he seems pretty great too.
We got “progressing investigaors” and mine’s name is Danielle. She is dating a Mormon and wants to know more about the church because her boyfriend and his family talk about it a lot but she doesn’t want them to know that she’s looking into the information in fear that they will think that she is trying to convert. We had our first lesson yesterday and I kind of felt like we bombed it at first because I kept like begging Sister B. with my eyes to say something and she just really wouldn’t. She WAS SILENT. I didn’t know what to do. Before I knew it I was inviting this poor Danielle to baptism and I was kind of mortified. BUT SHE DIDN’T SAY NO. She said she would think about it. She said she would read the BOM. We are “stopping by” today to drop off one for her and we hope to talk to her some more about God and how much He really does love her, and help invite her to pray. I’m crossing my fingers and praying so hard that it goes well.
Sister Steffany Bird is in my zone and it’s been way awesome to see a familiar face all the time. I’ve also seen: Jonny Bigelow, Maren Young, Amy Davis, Tate Jeppson, Shannon Goettsche, Hannah Lutz, Libby Baum, Peter Fuller and so so many more people I can’t even remember.
FAMILY AND FRIENDS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE USE DEARELDER.COM. It’s so easy and it means I get printed off letters every day for FREE. Don’t worry. I’ve already gotten like FOUR from Carl Wayne Andreason. WHAT THE HECK I GOT FOUR FROM  HIM AND NONE FROM ANYONE ELSE.
These are people I would really love to hear from:
And many more but those are the ones I have time to list.
Family and friends I love it here. Sorry this letter wasn’t super spiritual. I promise I’m having the time of my life. IT IS SO HARD. But so much more rewarding than I ever could have imagined. I’m growing so much. I’m being humbled. I’m being healed by the Atonement and by the Spirit. I am so blessed. Thank you to all who have made it possible to be here. I am so overwhelmed with how much I appreciate the sacrifices that have been made for me to be here and more importantly: THE LORD IS GRATEFUL. I can feel Him being thankful for my service and everyone’s contribution.
Sister Hanseen
MTC – first days

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  1. Thanks for sharing her letter. My daughter was friends with her at byu and I love her special spirit. They are both out serving now and I am so happy to hear she loves it already!

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