It’s Idol Season, Y’all.

It’s been a while since I religiously watched American Idol. In fact, I think the last time was probably sometime when I was in elementary school and I watched all the shows my parents did like Survivor and The Amazing Race when we were all home after dinner. But after I spent 12 hours on campus today doing everything from hating Biology to interviewing for my admission to the Public Relations emphasis in the COMMS department and then realized I had absolutely no clean clothes left for the week, I knew it was time to do laundry. I packed up clothes that seemed endless even though I swear I never have any clothes when I’m trying to get dressed in the morning, and I headed to my house about a mile down the road. The plan was to do laundry and catch up on The Bachelor but when I turned on the Direct TV list of recorded programs downstairs, American Idol showed up.

I watched everything from some freaky weird lady with a surprisingly good voice to people with horrible voices that you feel sorry for because you know they’re purposely making America mock them.

But the last one on the episode seriously got me teary. I know that’s so ridiculous and pathetic but THIS KID.

Born in Cuba. Started having a huge stutter at the age of six that made him totally isolated from any chance at friendship with kids around him and continued struggling with the stutter.

Walked in. Stuttered his way through an introduction. Sang Bridge Over Troubled Water as beautifully as you can imagine. NO STUTTER. Not even a stammer. Or a hint of hesitation. He cried, they cried, I cried. He’s going to Holllywood.

There are some pretty inspirational people in this world, my friends. Even if it’s possibly exaggerated for the sake of television. I like to believe that that kid was just as sweet and sincere as I saw him on the screen. And if that’s naive, I’ll take being naive. There’s a lot of joy in life that way.

It’s Idol Season, Y’all.

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