Bucket List

See that little bar of tabs for different pages above my little picture of the ceiling of the British Museum?

See the one that says “Bucket List?”

Click on it.
Read it.
Love it.

Bucket List

The Natural Order.

When I was little, I was positive that the desire to run home and cry because I was “being left out” would disappear once I was older. If I was a dishonest person, I could tell you that this is exactly what happened. But I’m not, so I can’t. Being left out happens. Some things that I (as well as many others, I’m sure) have felt left out of in the past year have been: relationships, marriage, missions, plans, hang outs, dinner groups, family, common ideas, friend groups, internships, getting good grades, and so much more. But it happens.

Being quite frank, I have felt out a lot this year. I was an adjustment to move from a ward where I knew EVERYONE to ward where I knew NO ONE, as it always is. But it was different this year when that status didn’t change in 48 hours like it had in the year previous. In fact, it didn’t even really change for months. I knew my roommates. I knew a few people in my relief society, and the 8 guys I had met and become friends with in the ward.

When I was growing up, and all the way through high school, there was a peculiar phenomenon that would happen. I realized I am really good at making friends initially. I can make friends quickly, genuinely, and have a lot of fun with them. That goes along all fine and dandy for a while and then there is a breaking point. Either I would introduce those friends with some of my other friends, the two groups would merge and leave me behind, or I would just get kind of forgotten as everyone became good friends without me.

That was hard, but since I turned around and made other friends fairly quickly, it was never too paralyzing. Just mostly a bummer.

That happened to me even some this year. Friends outside of my ward from other areas of life would hang out with me for a little while, we’d meet some new people, and I’d become the forgotten friend. To be totally honest, I have been so incredibly busy this semester and last semester that it hasn’t had a huge effect, but still just made me feel kind of.. off.

But, I FINALLY feel like I’m needed in my ward. I got a new calling that has given me the opportunity to get to know so many more people. I started making friends with a select few that are really involved. And I’m starting to feel known, welcome, and wanted.

My friends, that is one of the most priceless feelings. Feeling wanted. Feeling cared about. Feeling needed.

And whether it comes right away, or far later down the road, it is most definitely worth waiting for.

The Natural Order.

“We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists!”

Well, through all of Dr. Wilson’s classic lines, all-nighters with Brock, Haley and Jessica, and the most studying I’ve put into any one test in my entire life, I achieved my goal:

“Dear McKann Hanseen,

Congratulations! You have been admitted to the Public Relations program in the Department of Communications.

Department of Communications”


I am so thrilled and so humbled to have this chance! Rumor has it that over 70 applied and only 40 were accepted. This program is in the top 5 in the nation for Public Relations! I’m feeling so blessed.

Thanks to all who listened to and prayed for my fretting and worrying about tests, papers, projects, case studies, and applications!


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“We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists!”

Am I Dreaming?

Currently I’m about as relaxed as I have been in a while.

After having a brutal beginning of the week (including 13 hours of school, laundry, minimal sleep, being sick, three midterms, 18 hours of work and about 8 hours of full-out study time in the library), I ventured up to Park City with my Nana and two sisters, Nyia and Gillian. Somehow my Nana is just a miracle worker and she managed to get us free ski passes and an overnight stay at the Canyons Resort, so we’re taking full advantage.

We checked in to our room with a full kitchen, dining room, two bathrooms, and incredibly comfortable beds, and went straight to the outlets. I usually hate shopping, but somehow I managed to find quite a few good finds for my mission, which was a huge relief seeing as I’ve been quite stressed about how I’m possibly going to find eight outfits that are all interchangeable and will last for 18 months. Then, we went to eat at Main Street Pasta & Noodle Co. and it was delicious. BBQ wings, veggie pasta and Santa Fe chicken pizza. And unlimited hot chocolate.

Wrapping up the night, we came back to the hotel and Nyia and Gillian quickly changed into their swimming suits to go enjoy the outdoor heated pool and hot tubs. As is typical, I forgot my swimming suit in my car at home and decided to take a hot bath. Aromatherapy bubble bath with Ed Sheeran on the iHome (provided by the hotel, of course).

Now, I’m sitting in a lovely plush chair next to the fireplace, drinking a steamer in my terrycloth robe, writing a blog post and thinking about a beautiful day on the slopes tomorrow.

Pure bliss. I could get used to this.

Am I Dreaming?

A Slight Confession.

I have a bit of a confession.

I will admit that I can, at times, be a bit of a music hipster.

What does that mean? It means that I often spend time listening to a large variety of different music and I love to support the “up and coming” genre of music because I think it’s awesome that they are trying to make it happen for themselves. That often leads to finding bands that not many people have heard of, but that I like. That also results in me becoming attached to those bands as if they’re a little stray kitten I’ve found on the side of the road and want to keep all to myself (which, by the way, would probably never happen because I kind of hate cats, but that’s beside the point).

But what happens is that somehow people discover this little stray kitten, too. They start feeding it and it keeps growing and growing and everyone just thinks it’s the best kitten ever because, well, it IS. It’s the best kitten. It’s purr is so pretty, it’s fur is so shiny, and everyone loves it. The problem is, everyone becomes obsessed with the poor thing. Before I know it they’re playing with it nonstop; they’re taking videos of the kitten, and pictures, and putting them on facebook and instagram, and they’re recording its little purr and playing it over and over and over again because they just LOVE it. It’s almost creepy, in my opinion.

But then I start to resent the kitten a little bit. I feel like its betrayed my trust. I thought what we had was special. I thought that I had found it and nurtured it and cared for it and kept it all nice to myself. The sad thing is that I still think that little kitten is just the best little thing ever, I’m just selfish and I don’t want to share it.


Moral of the story is that Ed Sheeran is the little kitten.
But I’m still going to his concert tomorrow. You bet I am.

A Slight Confession.