Jibbin’ in Some Gnar Pow.

While on a weekend trip to Logan to visit Dallen, one of his friends used the phrase “jibbin’ in some gnar pow” to describe what he likes to do in the winter. In less radical terminology the rest of humanity would more easily understand this as skiing.

Being from Provo, Utah, there area  few things that new acquaintances seem to think are a given upon learning my origin.  The first of these is that because I live in Provo, there’s absolutely no possible way that I don’t know where every single building on BYU Campus is located and what is inside of it. The second is that because it gets decently cold in the winter, I must be used to it, and therefore do not get cold during the winter months. The last, and most relevant to this post, is that because I’m from Utah, it’s unthinkable that I had not skied at all in my lifetime until last winter (with the exception of the tow-rope-bunny-hill-fourth-grade-ski-day).

Contrary to insistent opinions, I do not know the function and location of every building on campus, I most definitely feel extremely cold when it is winter time, and I had not skied at all until I got to BYU. Don’t worry, your pulse will return to its normal pace and your redness of your face will lessen in just a few minutes, I promise.

I work at BYU Outdoors Unlimited, which is a full servicing bike and ski shop, and an outdoor equipment rental and merchandise shop. Along with having awesome coworkers and a good work environment, there are some great perks to my job: unlimited free rentals, discounts in the shop, and free ski passes to Sundance and Canyons. If you didn’t catch the point, it’s basically FREE SKIING. I know, I know. It’s grand, believe me.

Last year, when I first started learning to ski, it was quite the adventure. With one of the warmest winters on record, Utah ski resorts had nothing but artificially made snow and icy, overly groomed and packed-down runs. Until the past two weeks, that’s all my little legs had known. But, much to my surprise, this gnar pow that I had only ever heard of in movies or among the ritzy skier kids is real. And it’s nothing at all like skiing down a frozen slope.

Last week, there was a huge snow storm that lasted a few days straight. We woke up one morning to 24 inches of fresh powder at Sundance. Much to my pleasure, I had made plans to go skiing that day with Dallen, Thane and Nyia. It was a blast for the most part. Except when I was tumbling my way down two-foot-deep powder blues and wishing I was a lot better at skiing than I actually am. It was almost as if I was re-learning how to ski. I had never skied on anything like it and my technique is far from proficient.

But here’s to a new year and a new skill that I’m learning. Gonna work on jibbin’ in some gnar pow at The Canyons this week. Don’t you worry, kids.

Jibbin’ in Some Gnar Pow.

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