I’ve Succumbed to the Undead.

I’ve made a terrible mistake. In a moment of weakness and an abnormally strong case of anti-socialitis, I gave in to temptation and clicked the book mark labeled “Netflix.”

I have an uncanny knack for only starting a TV series when I have absolutely zero spare time to watch it, and somehow manage to intake at least a season and sleep hardly at all while doing it. This time is no exception. Finals are next week. NEXT WEEK PEOPLE. And what did I do tonight?

Started the first season of The Walking Dead.

I’ll be honest and admit that I hadn’t even so much as heard of The Walking Dead until this semester, and I surely hadn’t seen any of it. But, like many other popular TV shows/movies/music, etc. when people heard this I was scolded and gasped at! Not that it phased me, but along with those reactions I also had a lot of friends and family gave it high recommendations. It comes up frequently in conversations (came up in one today, in fact), and I guess I just decided to jump on the band wagon. I’m not ashamed. And you know why? BECAUSE IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME.

Well, it actually kind of scared the crap out of me. But I guess it’ll do that when you’re watching it in your bed, by yourself, in the pitch dark, with nobody else in your apartment. I’m just gearing up for freakin’ weird dreams. And bring on The Walking Dead.


I’ve Succumbed to the Undead.

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