Blog 2.0

Come one, come all.

I have been considering making the switch from Blogger to WordPress for quite some time now. I’ve stumbled across about ten or so blogs that use it and I really like the sleek, simple feel of it. And, while utilizing the excess of free time suddenly thrust upon me because of Thanksgiving Break, I decided to transition. (Though I will admit that the sometimes egotistical part of me is having difficulty parting with the 26,000+ blog views from the old one). I’m realizing that’s pathetic, though, and I could probably use a swift kick in the pants. So far, so good.

Blogging can be whatever the blogger wants it to be. Should I do a humorous blog full of witty satire and entertaining prose? How about a review of daily experiences? A less-personal form of journaling? Maybe a record of thoughts and things I’ve been contemplating?

Well, folks. How about all of the above and more? I’m okay with that.

Care to know about me? Visit the nifty tab labeled “Myself,” and hopefully we can begin this great new blogging expedition of happiness and sunshine on a good foot.
(Too far? Yeah. Maybe. What’s up, world?)

Blog 2.0

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