College Cooking: Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When you haven’t been grocery shopping for roughly four weeks (that’s a month, people), I’m pretty sure nobody would expect anything short of a delusional version of healthy and nourished self. I was no exception to this until I regained some sanity and went grocery shopping yesterday.

Over the last few days of the break, I got the flu. I didn’t eat much for couple days (as in, I ate a bagel and a Jamba Juice one day and threw it up so I ate like a bird for the next four days) and on Monday I was ready to eat something real and filling! I guess the delusional side was kicking in because with the limited food I had in my cupboard, I was under the impression that I could create this:


Much to my dismay, it did not quite work out. But, considering I used some slightly different ingredients, it seems pretty clear that it wouldn’t have tasted nearly as good as that looks (or as good as it tasted in my mind).

I had these things:

plain couscous made with chicken broth
1 can of tiny shrimp
garlic seasoning

And that’s it. Made the couscous, drained the tiny shrimp and put them in a pan with the garlic seasoning and a little bit of olive oil, and then put the falsely sauteed tiny shrimp on top of the couscous.

This is what my decadent meal turned out to be:


It was terrible.

Thankfully, I’ve been shopping since and can hopefully survive without going into a full state of deliriousness onset by culinary catastrophes before finals are over.

College Cooking: Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Bed of Roses.

Being nineteen and from Provo, Utah, and having attended BYU, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s expected that the great majority of my friends of the male persuasion are currently serving missions for the LDS Church. Those of you who know me already know that it’s often a topic of conversation. And those of you who don’t know me already… Well, you’ve been warned.

One of my best friends from my freshman year at BYU, Davis, sent me a letter last week. After relaying some of the details of his current area, as well as reflecting on some of the memories from last school year, he said, “Some days I really miss BYU and good old Freshman Year and wish I could be there. But other days I never want to leave here. The mission is like a bed of roses. It’s beautiful when you step back and look at it, but when you’re in it, boy can you feel the thorns.”

I have been thinking about that last part ever since I read it. How true that is. When I think back to different experiences and times in my life (high school, for example), I have such great memories and perceptions of those times. When I really think about it, though, it was hard. No part of this life is easy. Some parts just aren’t as hard as others. But that’s the beauty of it–we can look at it from a different perspective, and see it for all its magnitude and beauty.

Things aren’t easy. They’re never going to be. We’re gonna go over bumps, and collect a few thorns in our sides along the way, but that will make the end ever sweeter.

Guys, there’s some gosh darn gorgeous roses in the world! Go find yours.

Bed of Roses.

Blog 2.0

Come one, come all.

I have been considering making the switch from Blogger to WordPress for quite some time now. I’ve stumbled across about ten or so blogs that use it and I really like the sleek, simple feel of it. And, while utilizing the excess of free time suddenly thrust upon me because of Thanksgiving Break, I decided to transition. (Though I will admit that the sometimes egotistical part of me is having difficulty parting with the 26,000+ blog views from the old one). I’m realizing that’s pathetic, though, and I could probably use a swift kick in the pants. So far, so good.

Blogging can be whatever the blogger wants it to be. Should I do a humorous blog full of witty satire and entertaining prose? How about a review of daily experiences? A less-personal form of journaling? Maybe a record of thoughts and things I’ve been contemplating?

Well, folks. How about all of the above and more? I’m okay with that.

Care to know about me? Visit the nifty tab labeled “Myself,” and hopefully we can begin this great new blogging expedition of happiness and sunshine on a good foot.
(Too far? Yeah. Maybe. What’s up, world?)

Blog 2.0